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Entrepreneurship Dec 10, 2020

Starting a business is a process. We provide here a collection of tools and resources that can help accelerate the process of founding a new business and help expand its reach and growth with technology solutions.

We (or affiliated organizations) could receive a commission through the links on this page.


Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock, Adobe Spark, Adobe Stock, Document Cloud, and many other tools for creative work.


Payment processing with vast infrastructure for small businesses or international firms.

Airbus OneAtlas

SDK for using images taken from satellites in different applications.


Sign up - Airtable
Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything. Sign up for free.


Develop AI at scale more rapidly with managed machine learning solutions.

Alibaba Cloud

Elastic computing and storage solutions in the cloud for startups, AI training infrastructure, and much more.


Collaboration software for teams to stay focused in their work, goals, and projects.


DevOps, Jira, Confluence and many more products.


Easy web designs for businesses, powered by AI.


E-mail service connected and encrypted with a digital wallet, to be able to attach a payment to indicate importance to your message, and where a receiver can require a certain amount for their attention.


Get a dedicated HR manager for a simple monthly fee of $99/month.


Complete solution for e-commerce, everything needed for small and large businesses for their e-commerce needs, with the ability to scale up without worrying about technology infrastructure.


Blox - Cryptocurrency accounting, tracking and management
Blox cryptocurrency accounting, tracking and management platform. Easy to use, efficient, automated and precise. Automatically sync your wallets and exchanges into a single account, get a complete view of your crypto portfolio, balances & full transactions list to classify, monitor and export, and i…


Campaigns selling graphic t-shirts and other merchandise with customized designs via drop ship way to raise funds.


Construct web sites for small businesses.


Box — Secure Cloud Content Management, Workflow, and Collaboration
Box empowers your teams by making it easy to work with people inside and outside your organization, protect your valuable content, and connect all your apps.


Sending of newsletters through Facebook Messenger, without programming.


Uptime monitoring for web sites and apps using a network of nodes of Internet-connected machines around the world that are compensated with micropayments.

Breezy HR

Solutions for hiring and HR management.


Creation of complete web apps and web sites without knowing how to code.


Contract an a quality application with high functionality choosing from different schemes similar to well-known applications. also offers Builder Cloud that can utilize different cloud infrastructure platforms. According to the company, one can save significantly using Builder Cloud.


Simple cap table management for businesses and startups.


Distribution of shares and mangement of everything from one place.


Various categories of software solutions for businesses and other organizations.


Solutions for IT, systems networking and Webex videoconferencing.


Enterprise data cloud for any type of data for different fields, like edge AI.


Documentation for web development integrated with different cloud platforms.


DDoS protection, DNS, and other services.


Easily install, manage, and update apps on a cloud server. Install two apps on a server for free, use our link for $30 in credit towards more functionality. (Subject to terms and change)



A new type of shareable document for teams.


Marketplace for API's for developers to earn, and for projects to have access to new functionalities.

Cognition IP

Legally protect intellectual property in weeks, not months.


Solutions for companies to accept payment in digital currencies, and for users to buy and keep them.


Bitcoin Taxes, Crypto Portfolio & Prices | CoinTracker
CoinTracker is the most trusted Bitcoin Tax Software and Crypto Portfolio Manager. Automatically connect Coinbase, Binance, and all other exchanges & wallets.

Keep track of digital currency portfolios, and get access to tools for tax preparation for them.


Simplifies data and AI so your team can innovate faster.


Cloud monitoring, data migration solutions, and DevOps.


Construct and implement machine learning into production without coding.


A platform for local marketplaces, with tools to test, repair, measure, and grow the online presence of your business.


Virtual spaces to foster personal connections for remote or hybrid teams.

Duo Security

2-factor authorization and other cybersecurity solutions.


Find and contract graphic designers. Find graphic design work.


Establish relationships easily with customers, potential clients, and leads with an easy to integrate chat box - welcoming guests to your site and allowing them to ask for more information.


Save e-commerce store visitor data for experience personalization, able to be integrated with such platforms as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.


Solutions for cloud storage and team collaboration and sharing, including documents and digital signatures.


Easily verify trusted digital documents.

Earth Class Mail

Digitalized mail solutions for your business.


ElasticSearch service and other cloud tools for growing businesses enabling powerful complete search.


Create email campaigns for your audience. It offers an API to integrate with various other tools. It offers some of the best pricing in comparison to other options. It can be used with Zapier for even further integrations and automations with other apps.


It has a program and discount for startups including those related to technology.


Organize your notes effortlessly and collaborate with coworkers.

Fathom Analytics

Analyze traffic to your site or app without the use of cookies, respecting your visitors' privacy and simplifying your life. It also offers integration via Zapier with other applications. Receive a $10 USD discount on your first invoice through this link (Subject to change).


Powerful interactive  and collaborative software for graphic design in a team. One of the recognized industry leaders.


Quality plugins for Figma, like automation of workflows for non-creative work to accelerate the design process.


Security solutions for the transfer and management of digital assets for businesses, apps, and institutions.


Marketplace to find freelancers to complete jobs across various skillsets to help grow yout business. Also a place to find freelance work.


Send beautiful e-mail campaigns to your customers and readers with simplicity, including creating workflows. Integration with Shopify available. Receive a 50% discount on your subscriptions indefinitely through this link (Subject to change).

Collaboration and modern workflows for video production and products for teams.


Offering a suite of different products, like FreshDesk, which allows you to have every customer service conversation in one place. Collaborate with colleagues to resolve each issue faster.


Collaboratively construct and share the documentation for your software project with your team or with the public.


The leader for saving git repositories, for large teams, small teams, private, open source projects, etc. Programmers around the world use GitHub to collaborate on a vast number of software projects.


Git and DevOPs for teams.


Customer service made easy for e-commerce stores. This is achieved through having all support tickets from any channel in one place.


Sotware for HR recruitment and hiring management, and solutions to help on-boarding of new employees.

Contract highly vetted quality programmers for your project. Use this link as well if your are a programmer that would like to find work through


Servicio para iniciar una empresa en EEUU con diferentes herramientas para diferentes estados de startups.


Soluciones para nómina, beneficios, seguros y más para implementar y control fácilmente la administración de capital humana y teneduría de libros para startups y otras empresas.


The Bitcoin wallet you can recommend

Easy to use Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallet as well as the HandCash Connect SDK to easily integrate the wallet for new applications instead of having to deal with key management.


Social media marketing powered by AI.

Hio Events

Facilitate and organize recurring events successfully with the Hio platform.


Work from anywhere with the Hive platform, with more than 1,000 integrations offered.


Real-time log management for all of your operations.

In Country

Data residency as a service for multinational applications to satisfy reulatory needs.


Plataforma de mensajería al cliente | Intercomunicador
Hacemos aplicaciones de mensajería al cliente para ventas, marketing y soporte, conectadas en una plataforma. Nuestra misión es hacer negocios de nuevo personal.

Inuit Quickbooks

Tools for small businesses that makeaccounting and tax-deductions easy, like those for mileage, overhead costs, etc.

Jupyter Notebooks

Digital environments to work with and program for data science and artificial intelligences, among other things.


Silence background noise for your calls, especially useful for working from home.


Integrate actions and payments on the BSV blockchain via integration with Zapier, unlocking many new payment or data actions with apps you already use.


On-premise and cloud hardware made especially for neural network training and deep learning. It offers a GPU cloud service, and Lambda Stack on-premise.

Legally Chained

Contract management on a public blockchain using verifiable, legal identity.


HR and hiring made easy.


Construct digital experiences for clients to strengthen relationships with them.


Videocommunication tools for businesses.


Logo design for your business, with the ability to export it to use it on business cards, merchandise, and online.


A suite of software tools for startups, brought by the Long Term Stock Exchange, a new, regulated US securities exchange for emphasizing the health and long term vision of firms.


Easily manage Zoom events with the ability to charge atendees. Can be used for various things like physical training, lessons, etc.


Intelligent online video editor.


Transactional e-mail with API's for a flexible solution for interacting with your audience.


Studio for developers for the creation of applications integrating maps and location.

Matter Cloud

The Metanet platform for developers.


MainStreet helps startups by helping them take advantage of tax benefits.


A single data platform designed for breakthroughs.

Microsoft 365


Access your world from virtually anywhere with Office 365.


Solutions for a data science stack.


Accept payments over the internet that cost less than one cent and are nearly instant.

Moneybutton offers a single login and digital BSV wallet, allowing developers to easily integrate it in their applications. Paymail addresses come with every wallet.


Create a database for your app.


The public edge cloud.

Napolean Cat

A tool for the management of all social media accounts. It includes analytics, and the possibility of carrying out customer service through social media.


Simple DNS, SSL, and hosting service, with very competitive pricing.


Unikernel VM solution for applications for heightened backend security.

New Relic

Offers DevOps and optimizes your native cloud environment.


Nomics: Crypto Market Caps - Prices, All-Time Highs, Charts
Real-time crypto market cap rankings, historical prices, charts, all-time highs, supply data & more for top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum (ETH).


Collaboration software for remote work, for teams and individuals.


Marketing, sales, and more through Facebook Messenger and SMS for e-commerce.


Offering secure nexus between technology and people.

Open Pay

Process online payments in Mexico, including interbank transfers.


Modern telephone service for startups and businesses.


Increase marketing reach with interactive content.


Easy incorporation and formation of companies in Canada. Receive a discount of $50 here (subject to terms and changes).


Design, customize, and order packaging for your e-commerce and other needs.


Data analysis solutions for businesses and governments, some of their tools include Foundry and Gotham.


Online digital signatures service for free, and more.

Hardware, conectividad, y soluciones de la nube para el Internet de las cosas (IdC) para empresas.

Visual interface for the easy construction of digital workflows, with integration with other services.


A tool to leave and share comments on any web page to speed up the process of graphic design within teams, or for clients.


Marketing tools with a mobile application to easily manage them.


Network for financial information transfer to connect the bank accounts of your customers securly to your app. Currently available in America, and in beta in other countries like Canada and the UK.


Easy take acare of the need to have a privacy policy for your site or app.


Easily personalize your site for each visitor.

The leading marketing video creator, grow your business with promotional video.


Contract or hire your team, any place in the world, with local requirements taken care of.


Virtual receptionists via chat 27/7 for your business.


Alternative solution to YouTube for the monetization of video content for companies and creators.


Solutions and tools to increase sales using CRM and the power of the cloud.


A world leader for software solutions for business.


La plataforma de los datos para IA. Soluciones para el desarrollo de varios implementaciones de IA.


La base de datos de big data de tiempo real. La más rápida base NoSQL.


Find affiliates to promote your site and product or service.


Easily use shares in your company to attract talent.


Work in a dashboard type environment with integrations with many apps to increase productivity.


E-mail replacement for teams and companies to collaborate.


Organize, monitor, and evolve work scheduling operations.


Customized product gallery photos for your e-commerce business - let your products stand out with professional quality showcase photos.


All of your e-mail, in a conversational form.


Optimization of cloud resources to mazimize savings. Access analytics and CloudOps.

Stack Overflow

A place to share knowledge and solutions, ask and answer questions, related to coding and IT.

Easy solution to monitor and communicate the status of your app or site, and downtime events - to be able to build trust and transparency with users.


Connect apps and service easily to accept online payments all over the world. Easily issue corporate cards for your team.

Stripe Atlas

Formation of corporations in Delware (US), with solutions to make the whole process of founding a startup easier.


According to Superhuman, the experience of e-mail, faster.


Online surveys to improve your product and foster relationships with your customers, with various intergrations with SaaS ecosystems.


Administer, manage, and carry out affiliate programs easily with a simple interface.


Solution to calculate, collect, and file sales tax for your e-commerce or other type of business, with integration with many different e-commerce platforms.


Small business insurance on-demand.


Everything necessary to create, distribute, host, and sell online courses that you make, in your own customized environment and site.

Tom Tom

GPS and map API's, and other location and mobility solutions for developers and businesses.


TonicPow - Earn, Promote, Explode!
Advertise your product. Earn BSV for sharing the stuff you like.

A network for companies or individuals to create ads and for others to be compensated for promoting them when they are clicked/other actions are completed by the user, this is all achieved via micropayments.


Verify the sendability of your e-mail campaigns via verification of your e-mail lists.


In an experience that looks like Twitter, Twetch offers and alternative based on a business model not of selling advertisement, but of micropayments and paid speech. It can become not only a tool to connect with your audience, but an actual income stream as well from your followers and from the interaction with your information by the world as a whole.


Services and API's for SMS and email communication and verification and more.


Create and manage beautiful forms that are easy to use and a pleasure to interact with. Their product Videoask brings a personal and quick way to forge a relationship with your users in a fresh way.


Ultra fast servers with simple plans and extremely high uptime. According to Upcloud, it has the fastest servers in the world.


High performance pipeline for video and photo uploads at the edge.


Design and create beautiful web experiences without knowing how to code, hosting able to be handled for you.


Weebly - Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place.

Create and customize a website and/or blog easily with themes to choose and start from. Don't worry about hosting, Weebly takes care of that, and gives you an easy way to see site analytics. E-commerce solutions are also offered and easily integrated all in your site and manged from your dashboard.


Large-file transfers to contacts and colleagues.


Data backup and mangement from the cloud.


Get access to savings for various SaaS products by way of using Vendr at one simple price with a guarantee of at least 10% savings.


VOOM - Insurance On The Move
On-Demand Insurance for Anything You Can Ride, Fly or Sail! VOOM is the world’s first on-demand, usage-based insurance solution for Specialized Mobility. We are dedicated to protecting you exactly when you need it, and how you need it.

On-demand insurance plans for micromobility and drone fleets, based on use.


Unbounce Learn More
Learn more about Unbounce, the leading conversion platform for marketers.

Convert more visitors that visit your site with tailored pages.


Search for freelancers for jobs in various fields, contract and pay all through the Upwork platform.


Sales growth acceleration for SaaS businesses.


Solutions to search and manage big datasets.


Easy implementation for a curent technical status and issue reporting and communication for the users of your app and site.


Workflows for IT and more.


A dedicated team of high-quality graphic designers for your business needs.


An easy-to-use video hosting alternative to YouTube to communiate with your public, including live streaming, in a way where your viewers do not need to watch ads.


Coworking spaces for individuals, startups, and large firms. A variety of locations around the world allow for flexibility as well as solutions for global teams.


The Cloud Finance, HR and Planning System For A Changing World | Workday
The world is evolving fast. With one cloud system from Workday, you can build your business to adapt to what’s next. Learn more.

Working copy

Push git from iOS.

Scheduling of appointments powered by AI. Integration with popular platforms offered.


Easily automate functions between the various apps you use using 'zaps' - there are a very many number of possible app connection combinations.


A suite of products for businesses, like bookkeeping, videoconferencing and presentations, digital document signing, commerce, HR, and more.


Easy-to-use videoconferencing solution for teams, events, and more.

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